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Central Coast
Regional District

Diagnostic Governance and Service Delivery Study


The following 13 Fact Sheets are designed to give interested parties the necessary background information to understand the existing governance framework that exists in the Central Coast region.

CCRD General Operations and Service Delivery Fact Sheets

General OperationsGeneral Operations
General Operations

Size: 329.08K

Solid WasteSolid Waste
Solid Waste

Size: 342.15K

Planning & Economic DevelopmentPlanning & Economic Development
Planning & Economic Development

Size: 328.86K


Size: 391.64K

Parks and RecreationParks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation

Size: 471.52K

Fire & Emergency ServicesFire & Emergency Services
Fire & Emergency Services

Size: 1.51M


Size: 284.20K


Size: 397.59K

Regional Governance and Service Delivery Fact Sheets

Regional District GovernanceRegional District Governance
Regional District Governance

Size: 140.95K

Regional CooperationRegional Cooperation
Regional Cooperation

Size: 231.96K

Electoral Area BoundariesElectoral Area Boundaries
Electoral Area Boundaries

Size: 1.58M

Local Government StructureLocal Government Structure
Local Government Structure

Size: 178.11K

Regional District GrantsRegional District Grants
Regional District Grants

Size: 3.41M

Open House Information Boards
Board 1Board 1
Board 1

Size: 510.35K

Board 2Board 2
Board 2

Size: 316.48K

Board 3Board 3
Board 3

Size: 704.06K

Board 4Board 4
Board 4

Size: 519.33K

Board 5Board 5
Board 5

Size: 764.15K

Board 6Board 6
Board 6

Size: 404.48K

Board 7Board 7
Board 7

Size: 317.50K

Board 8Board 8
Board 8

Size: 748.97K

Board 9Board 9
Board 9

Size: 261.62K

Board 10Board 10
Board 10

Size: 348.91K

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