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Central Coast
Regional District

Central Coast Regional District Governance Study


Have you ever wondered what services the regional district provides or how decisions are made about those services?  Have you ever wondered what services the regional district does not provide and why? What the services cost and how they are paid for? Maybe you´re curious about how the regional district is structured, or how it works together with other local and provincial governments and agencies? How does the regional district access grants and infrastructure funding and how is it used?

The CCRD Governance and Service Delivery Study will provide you with answers to these questions and offer opportunities for residents and owners throughout the region to share their perspectives. What´s working? What´s not?  Why?

Ultimately, the study will identify concerns local residents have with the way services are delivered and governed in the region.  In addition, the consultants will undertake their own research and analysis of the current framework to supplement the local feedback. The results of this study will then be used to identify and assess options to address the community´s interests.

Get to know your Regional District!

The provincially-funded study is being lead by the CCRD together with a consultant engaged by the CCRD. The first task is to prepare summaries, or Fact Sheets, of the services the CCRD provides to the region. Each summary will explain the service, how it is delivered, how decisions are made, and what it costs. Learn about how the CCRD makes decisions that affect the local services you receive.  By checking this website over the course of fall, you will find a series of Fact Sheets about governance and your local services, including:

CCRD Service Fact Sheets

Fire and Emergency Services
Planning and Economic Development
Solid Waste
Parks, Trails and Recreation
General Operations (Formerly Administration)

In addition to the Service Fact Sheets, there will also be Regional Fact Sheets that describe the governance structure within the CCRD, the role and authority of different agencies and governments, how the different levels of government cooperate, and other topics such as how the how regional boundaries are determined, and how the regional district accesses grant funding for services.

Have your say!

The CCRD wants to hear from you.  In October 2016, following the publication of all the study´s Fact Sheets, we will be asking you for your thoughts and ideas on CCRD services and governance through a Survey that will be available both online as well as in hard copy.    

In the last week of October, we will be hosting Community Conversation events in the region.  Come out on October 24 at the Hagensborg Legion from 5pm to 8pm or October 25 at the Denny Island Community Hall from 5pm to 8pm.

Individuals or groups looking to provide their comments in advance of the first survey can email CCRDGovernance@ccrd-bc.ca .

Get Informed. Get Involved
Have your say!

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