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Central Coast
Regional District

Central Coast Regional District Service Delivery and Governance Study


Have you ever wondered what services the regional district provides or how decisions are made about those services?  Have you ever wondered what services the regional district does not provide and why? What the services cost and how they are paid for? Maybe you´re curious about how the regional district is structured, or how it works together with other local and provincial governments and agencies? How does the regional district access grants and infrastructure funding and how is it used?

The CCRD Service Delivery and Governance Study will provide you with answers to these questions and offer opportunities for residents and owners throughout the region to share their perspectives. What´s working? What´s not?  Why?

The following report and appendices are designed to give interested parties the necessary background information to understand the existing governance framework that exists in the Central Coast region.

CCRD Service Delivery and Governance Study Report and Appendices
Service Delivery and Governance StudyService Delivery and Governance Study
Service Delivery and Governance Study

Size: 6.00M

Appendix A - Service Fact SheetsAppendix A - Service Fact Sheets
Appendix A - Service Fact Sheets

Size: 5.93M

Appendix B - Regional Fact SheetsAppendix B - Regional Fact Sheets
Appendix B - Regional Fact Sheets

Size: 5.90M

Appendix C - NewsletterAppendix C - Newsletter
Appendix C - Newsletter

Size: 1.17M

Appendix D - Community Conversation BoardsAppendix D - Community Conversation Boards
Appendix D - Community Conversation Boards

Size: 4.97M

Appendix E - SurveyAppendix E - Survey
Appendix E - Survey

Size: 587.96K

Appendix F - Survey ResultsAppendix F - Survey Results
Appendix F - Survey Results

Size: 2.88M

Appendix G - Terms of ReferenceAppendix G - Terms of Reference
Appendix G - Terms of Reference

Size: 1.80M

Appendix H - Consultant ProposalAppendix H - Consultant Proposal
Appendix H - Consultant Proposal

Size: 7.59M

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