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Central Coast
Regional District

March 12, 2015 - Agenda

REGULAR BOARD MEETING AGENDA - (12 March 2015, 9.30am)

1. Call to Order
(a) Opening Reflection/Prayer
(b) Swearing in of Alternates

2. Adoption of Agenda
(a) Introduction of late items

3.   Disclosures of Financial Interest
The Chair to remind Board Members of the requirements of Sections 100(2)(b) and 101(1)(2) and (3) of the Community Charter to disclose any interest during the meeting when the matter is discussed.

A declaration under these section(s) requires that the nature of the interest must be disclosed. Consequently a member who has made a declaration must not preside, participate in, or be present during any discussion or decision making procedure relating to the matter the subject of the declaration.

The following pro forma declaration is provided to assist in making the disclosure:

“I, Board Member ***** disclose that in accordance with Sections 100(2)(b) and 101(1)(2) and (3) of the Community Charter, I have a ******* (indirect/direct)  **** (pecuniary/other) interest that constitutes a conflict of interest in item *** (*).

The reason for my declaration is: the item being discussed is ********.

I will leave the room during the discussion of this item, in accordance with Section 101(1) and (2) of the Community Charter. “

4. Disclosures of Interests Affecting Impartiality
The Chair to remind Board Members that in the interest of good governance, where there is a perceived interest that may affect their impartiality in consideration of a matter, a declaration should be made.  This declaration does not restrict any right to participate in or be present during the decision-making procedure.  

The following pro forma declaration is provided to assist in making the disclosure.

“With regard to ...... the matter in item x..... I disclose that I have an association with the applicant (or person seeking a decision). As a consequence, there may be a perception that my impartiality on the matter may be affected. I declare that I will consider this matter on its merits and vote accordingly.”

(a) Matters Brought out of Camera
(a) February 12, 2015  - Previous Board Meeting Minutes

1. Delegations
(a) Cst. Edward Wells, RCMP - to engage with the CCRD for the purpose of making the Bella Coola Valley in the Regional District a safer community
(b) Leonard Ellis - Coastal Representative Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Assoc. - improving marine transportation services to the Port of Bella Coola
(c) Christina Hoppe - CAUSE group and Carnivore Working Group - Grizzlies and cougar concerns for public safety

2. Public Questions and Comment Period


Administrative Services
(a) Chief Administrative Officer Report - dated 5 March 2015
(b) CCRD Integrated Strategic Plan 2015-2019 - adoption and endorsement of the plan (noting once the Financial Plan 2015-2019 has been adopted it will form part of the Integrated Strategic Plan 2015-2019)
(c) Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) 2014 Reporting - dated 05 March 2015
(d) Bear Reports - deferred from 12 February 2015 meeting -
Resolution  15-02-20 “M/S Directors Hall/Schooner that the board defer discussion of bear-related correspondence to the next meeting in order that further research can be done CARRIED”

CCRD Report on two items of correspondence received
- Gary Shelton - Letter with 2 papers included on Bear Events and Human/Bear Conflict
- Jefferson Bray - Letter and attachment on Bear Spray vs Bullets

Financial Services
(e) Financial Plan 2015-2019 - Final Presentation, adoption and inclusion in the CCRD Integrated Strategic Plan 2015-2019
(f) Parcel Tax Requisition  - report dated 16 February 2015

Development Services
(g) Economic Development -
(i) deferred report dated 5 February 2015 (resolution 15-02-24)
(ii) Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) Minutes - dated 04 March 2015 (to be received)
(iii) Economic Development Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference for adoption by CCRD Board of Directors
(iv) Economic Development Advisory Committee 2015 Meeting Schedule - for adoption by CCRD Board of Directors
(h) Land Use Planning - report dated 5 March 2015

Public Works
(i) Public Works Managerīs Report -
(i) deferred report dated 5 February 2015 (resolution 15-02-24)
(ii) Public Works Managerīs - dated 5 March 2015

Leisure Services Commissions
(j) Centennial Pool Commission - deferred minutes dated 22 January 2015 minutes (resolution 15-02-24)
(ii) Centennial Pool Commission minutes dated19 February 2015

Protective Services
(k) Emergency Management - deferred report dated 5 February 2015 - Ocean Falls event (resolution 15-02-24)

Transportation Services
(l) Bella Coola Airport/Denny Island Airport -
(i) deferred Transportation report dated 5 February 2015 (resolution 15-02-24)
(ii) Transportation Services report dated 5 March 2015
(iii) Denny Island Airport Commission Minutes - dated 27 February 2015

(a) Chairīs Report (deferred - resolution 15-02-24)
(b) Electoral Area Reports
i) Area A - see attached report (deferred - resolution 15-02-24)
ii) Area B (deferred - resolution 15-02-24)
iii) Area C - see attached report (deferred - resolution 15-02-24)
iv) Area D (deferred - resolution 15-02-24)
v) Area E (deferred - resolution 15-02-24)

(a)    Bylaw 447 - “Landfill Closure/Post-Closure Reserve Fund, No. 447, 2015” to be adopted
(b) Policy F4 - Additional Directors Remuneration - proposed to be rescinded in favour of Bylaw 442, Board Remuneration and Expenses Bylaw, Schedule “A” 1.
(c) Report - Investigating the Establishment of a Noise Bylaw

(a) Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District - requesting the CCRD write to the provincial government to review their consultation process framework to allow for Regional District representation in the environmental stewardship initiatives taking place throughout the province
(b) Tom Mesi - concerns regarding Nusatsum flood remediation and potential work (deferred -  resolution 15-02-24) - to receive letter
(c) CCUPW - Request to Support Save Canada Post - to receive (Board was sent a similar request in 2014).   (deferred - resolution 15-02-24)
(d) Nuxalk Forestry Limited Partnership -Recovery Planning Under Federal Species at Risk Act for Northern Goshawk - to receive letter
(e) Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure - acknowledging receipt of our participation in the 10 year transportation plan, BC on the Move.
(f) Powell River Regional District - Press Release - regarding the Coastal Regional District Chairs Groupīs recent meeting with the BC Ferry Commissioner (Mr. Gordon Macatee). - to be received
(g) Nathan Cullen, MP Skeena-Bulkley Valley - requesting support for his Bill C-628, An Act to Defend the Pacific Northwest


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