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Central Coast
Regional District


REGULAR BOARD MEETING AGENDA - June 11, 2015 at 9.00am


1. Call to Order
(a) Swearing in of Alternates

2. Adoption of Agenda
(a) Introduction of late items

3.   Disclosures of Financial Interest
The Chair to remind Board Members of the requirements of Sections 100(2)(b) and 101(1)(2) and (3) of the Community Charter to disclose any interest during the meeting when the matter is discussed.

A declaration under these section(s) requires that the nature of the interest must be disclosed. Consequently a member who has made a declaration must not preside, participate in, or be present during any discussion or decision making procedure relating to the matter the subject of the declaration.

The following pro forma declaration is provided to assist in making the disclosure:

“I, Board Member ***** disclose that in accordance with Sections 100(2)(b) and 101(1)(2) and (3) of the Community Charter, I have a ******* (indirect/direct)  **** (pecuniary/other) interest that constitutes a conflict of interest in item *** (*).

The reason for my declaration is: the item being discussed is ********.

I will leave the room during the discussion of this item, in accordance with Section 101(1) and (2) of the Community Charter. “

4. Disclosures of Interests Affecting Impartiality
The Chair to remind Board Members that in the interest of good governance, where there is a perceived interest that may affect their impartiality in consideration of a matter, a declaration should be made.  This declaration does not restrict any right to participate in or be present during the decision-making procedure.  

The following pro forma declaration is provided to assist in making the disclosure.

“With regard to ...... the matter in item x..... I disclose that I have an association with the applicant (or person seeking a decision). As a consequence, there may be a perception that my impartiality on the matter may be affected. I declare that I will consider this matter on its merits and vote accordingly.”

(a) In Camera Meeting - request the Board move the In-Camera meeting to the last item on the agenda, prior to adjournment.
(b) Matters Brought out of Camera


(a) Regular Board Meeting - dated May 14, 2015  


1. Delegations
(a) RCMP  - community update (with Chief Webber in attendance)            - 9.00am - 9.15am
(b) Conservation Officer Service (Sgt Len Butler) and Wildlife Conflict
Specialist (Mike Brady)              - 9.15am - 9.30am
(c) Interior Roads - Elcy LePage (Quality Manager) - Central Cariboo      - 9.30am - 9.45am


Administrative Services
(a) Chief Administrative Officer Report - dated June 4, 2015
(b) CARIP Carbon Neutral Progress Public Report - dated June 2, 2015
(c) UBCM - Call for Nominations for UBCM Executive - memo dated June 5, 2015

Financial Services
(d) Filing under the Financial Information Act - SOFI 2014
(e) 2014 Strategic Community Investment Funds Report  - dated May 20, 2015

Development Services
(f) Economic Development - Report dated 04 June 2015
(g) Land Use Planning
(i) Transportation & Land Use Coordinatorīs Report - dated June 4, 2015
(ii) Official Community Plan Advisory Committee (OCPAC) - Regular Meeting Minutes -
 May 12, 2015

Public Works
(h) Public Works Managerīs Report - dated June 4, 2015

Leisure Services Commissions
(i) Centennial Pool Commission
(i)  Meeting minutes - dated May 13, 2015
(ii)  Meeting minutes - dated May 20, 2015
(iii) Meeting minutes - dated May 27, 2015

Protective Services
(j) Emergency Management (no report)
(i) CAO Darla Blake and Public Works Manager Ken McIlwain have completed the Business Continuity Planning course with the Justice Institute of BC

Transportation Services
(k) Bella Coola Airport/Denny Island Airport
(i) Transportation & Land Use Coordinatorīs Report - dated June 4, 2015

(a) Chairīs Report
Electoral Area Reports
i) Area A - written report dated June 4, 2015
ii) Area B
iii) Area C - written report dated June 4, 2015 (and attachment)
iv) Area D
v) Area E

(a) Bylaw 449 - Central Coast Regional District Board Meeting Procedures Bylaw 449, 2015 - for reconsideration and final adoption
(b) A-26 - Purchasing and Procurement Policy - administration title change only
(c) F-3 - Signatories Policy - administration title change only
(d) F-14 - Payable Procedure Policy - administration title change only


(a) Province of British Columbia - Ministry of Agriculture - dated May 7, 2015 re: Regulatory Amendments Affecting the Production of Medical Marijuana on Agriculture Land Reserve
(b) Province of British Columbia - Premier Christy Clark - dated May 27, 2015 re: invitation to meet with Premier or Cabinet Ministers
(c) Copy of letter to:  Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure - dated May 19, 2015, re: garbage all along Highway 20  


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