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Central Coast
Regional District


A bylaw is a regulation made by a local government and formalized in a document.  Bylaws typically contain a number of component parts such as a number, title, authority, definitions, enactment and penalties for non-compliance.

The Regional District Board of Directors makes the bylaws required for the Regional District to provide services to electoral areas.  They also establish bylaws to regulate user fees for those services.  Local government does not have power to do anything except that which provincial legislation provides it with the authority to do.  Powers given by a statute may be limited by another Provincial or Federal statute.  Where there is a conflict between a Provincial statute and a local bylaw, the statute prevails.  Local bylaws cannot regulate the use of Provincial or Federal lands (or Native Reserves).

A numerical listing, complete with title, of the active bylaws of the Central Coast Regional District can be found here.


Directors are responsible for adopting many forms of policy that cover a broad spectrum of subjects.  Policy affects political direction, internal administrative functions, Board procedure, local legislation (bylaws), provision of services, financial responsibilities, legal liabilities, intergovernmental relations and all other functions of the Regional District.  

One of the benefits to Board direction by policy is that it provides a clear focus for administrative staff to manage the affairs of the Board and provides for an orderly and consistent handling of Regional District business.  

Policies of the Central Coast Regional District fall into four categories:  Executive (E), Administrative (A), Financial (F) and Planning for Land Use (P).

View a listing of current policies by title and number.
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