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Oweekeno is located on the banks of the Wannock River at the entrance to Owikeno Lake east of Rivers Inlet and is home to the Wuikinuxv Nation, consisting of approximately 280 members. About 220 band members live off-reserve, many of them in other areas of the province. The Wuikinuxv have an affiliation with the Oweekeno/Kitasoo/Nuxalk Tribal Council which is based in Bella Coola.

Infrastructure on reserve lands includes the band administration office, a health centre, a K-7 school, and a fire hall. The community also has a newly constructed ceremonial big house used for cultural purposes and as a meeting place for special functions. The Wuikinuxv Nation maintains and operates an airstrip. The community provides bed and breakfast establishments for visitors. Wireless internet is provided at the band administration office and at the health centre.
Oweekeno - Photo Credit: Michael Wigle
Oweekeno - Photo Credit: Michael Wigle
The key economic activities of the Wuikinuxv Nation include logging, salmon enhancement, commercial fishing and roe-on-kelp, and management of a tree farm license which focuses on harvesting, silviculture and watershed restoration. Development plans also include negotiations that would add volume to the existing tree farm licence by way of joint
ventures. The Nation is looking to diversify its local economy by developing plans to promote bear viewing, a run-of-the-river power project and a heli-ski tenure.

Outdoor recreational activities include hiking, berry picking and sport fishing. Due to a strong spiritual connection to the land, the Wuikinuxv territory is referred to as the “Land of the Hamatsa," which denotes their pride in being a cultural mecca of traditional native dancing and singing.

For further information regarding the community of Oweekeno or the  Wuikinuxv First Nation, contact the Band Administration office at 250-949-8625.
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