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Central Coast
Regional District

Economic development


The CCRD´s economic development function serves residents, businesses and organizations so as to improve the Region´s economy, health and stability. The service´s primary role is to plan and implement economic development initiatives. This is done by creating a positive business climate, promoting the Region and its businesses and organizations, assisting outside investors and liaising with governments.
The economies of our communities are well positioned for diversification and growth.

Drifting on the Bella Coola River
Drifting on the Bella Coola River
All levels of government have given economic development a senior priority. Local government is pro-business, within a framework of limited bureaucracy (e.g. no business licenses).

Extensive research, analyses, strategic planning and opportunity identification have been concluded. The potential for small-to-medium enterprise startups and expansions abound. Prospective opportunities exist in the resource processing, energy and tourism.

The regional labour force is well trained and entrepreneurial inclined. With some of the most realistic real estate values in British Columbia, supported by a comprehensive infrastructure, we possess numerous sustainable competitive advantages.
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