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Central Coast
Regional District

Economic Development

Following the Collaborative Economic Development Meeting in October of 2014, the participants identified using a “bottom-up” approach as a suitable match to achieve the economic development outcomes community members and stakeholders envision for the region.

The “bottom-up” approach puts emphasis on inclusion and ensuring marginalized individuals participate in the economy, while encouraging businesses to operate with environmental, social, and local economic well-being in mind.   This approach allows for the unique aspects of our communities to drive our economy, it emphasizes economic development over economic growth.  Economic development often evolves from innovation, diversification, and increased community and individual capacity.


To build a sustainable economy for the residents and communities of the Central Coast Regional District.
Drifting on the Bella Coola River - Photo Credit: Michael Wigle
Drifting on the Bella Coola River - Photo Credit: Michael Wigle

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If you have questions or concerns please contact:
Community Economic Development Officer
Tanis Shedden

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