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Central Coast
Regional District

Population Growth

The CCRD is home to approximately 3,300 people, and has seen a 3.5% increase in population since 2011.

Population Growth200620112016
British Columbia4,113,4874,400,0574,648,055
Government of Canada, Census Profile (2011 and 2016)

Population Age Structure

Population Age Structure
An overview of the structure of the CCRD population, based on the 2016 census profile data, reveals that:

  • 20% of the population fall under the age of 15 (Provincial average:15%).
  • Median age of the population is 41.3 (Provincial median:43).

  • Average age of the population is 39.9 (Provincial average:42.3).


The median total household income* in the CCRD has increased from $40,990 in 2010 to $48,000 in 2015.
Based on the 2016 census profile data, the income information indicates that:
  • The median after-tax income of households in 2015 was $45,824 (Provincial $61,280).
  • In 2015, the average employment income for full-year full-time workers was $51,504 (Provincial $64,625)

*Household income is the sum of the incomes for all members of the household.  

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