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Central Coast
Regional District
April 11th, 2017
April 11th, 2017


Walker Island Park Concession 2017 Operation

Food and Beverage Concession Operation
 Walker Island Park, Hagensborg, BC

The Central Coast Regional District is seeking submissions from qualified proponents interested in seasonal operation of a food and beverage concession in the new Concession at Walker Island Park. The park is located between Bella Coola and Hagensborg and features a softball field, soccer field, playground as well as numerous bike and walking trails.

The concession building is 1064 square feet and features large covered decks on three sides, wheelchair access ramp, two accessible bathrooms and storage. The actual kitchen space is about 200 sq ft. There are new commercial grade appliances and prep surfaces in place including: upright freezer, upright fridge, refrigerated sandwich station, microwave, electric grill, double oven range, range hood, single hand wash sink, double dish washing sink, mop basin sink and stainless prep surfaces.

Potable water for drinking/cooking must be trucked in (5 gallon water cooler bottles from store). Water for cleaning is provided from the nearby well. The kitchen has been inspected and met Vancouver Coastal Health´s (VCH) requirements. The successful proponent is responsible for obtaining an operating permit from VCH.

CCRD recognizes that there is not the traffic to justify full hours of operation. Our primary interest is in having it open on weekends when the park sees increased usage by families, as well as during other scheduled events such as slow-pitch tournaments, games etc.

The CCRD is issuing this Expression of Interest as an invitation to prospective respondents to pre-qualify up to four (4) proponents. Respondents will be evaluated according to the criteria described below and based on those criteria up to four (4) respondents will be selected, at the discretion of the CCRD, to a pre-qualified list for a potential subsequent second-stage competitive process.
Respondents to this Expression of Interest shall provide the following information in their submission:

• The name and contact information for the proponent
• A summary of the food service experience of the proponent
• Two (2) references for the proponent
• A brief description of the proposed menu or menu concept
• A brief description of proposed hours/months of operation
• A brief overview of the community benefits or benefits to the local economy associated with your proposal

Responses to this Expression of Interest will be evaluated using the following criteria:

Experience of the Proponent: 40%
Proposed  menu/menu concept 20%
Community and Local Economy Benefits 20%
References 20%

If a respondent would prefer to make a verbal Expression of Interest presentation, please contact CCRD to make arrangements.

Submissions may be submitted to Ken McIlwain, Operations Manager, at the CCRD office located at 626 Cliff Street, Bella Coola, BC, V0T 1C0 until 4:00 p.m. May 1, 2017 or alternatively, proponents may submit via email to pwm@ccrd-bc.ca until 4:00 pm, May 1, 2017. Submissions by email should be confirmed via phone call to 250-799-5291.

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