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Central Coast
Regional District
April 9th, 2018
April 9th, 2018

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The Central Coast Regional District (CCRD) is searching for a full time Chief Financial Officer. If you have a professional accounting designation and an interest in local government, you may be the perfect fit for our team.

Highly skilled applicants who do not meet all qualifications may be considered for training into the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) position.

Headquartered in Bella Coola, the CCRD serves a census population of approximately 3300 citizens in a district which stretches from Bella Bella, through Ocean Falls, across to Rivers Inlet and east to the Bella Coola valley.
The CFO´s duties include planning, coordinating, administering, implementing and accounting for all financial aspects of the work of the CCRD. Assisting the CAO in insuring that all aspects of the statutory functions of financial administration as outlined in the Local Government Act and Community Charter are adhered to is of primary importance.

The CFO is a key member of the CCRD management team and reports directly to the CAO. The CFO also has a responsibility to offer financial advice and guidance to the elected Board of Directors. Second in command, the CFO is responsible for all matters involving financial obligations of the CCRD and is prepared to be acting CAO when required. The CFO attends all Board meetings and supports the CCRD Board of Directors as required when meeting with community groups, the public and stakeholders and leads a small team of dedicated staff carrying out the financial requirements of the CCRD.

We offer a competitive salary with municipal pension and extended health benefits and professional development opportunities in the local government financial management area. Preference will be given to experienced candidates with demonstrated planning and/or risk management expertise.

We are accepting applications until 4 pm on April 20, 2018. Please send or deliver your CV and cover letter to:
Chief Administrative Officer
626 Cliff St, P.O. Box 186
Bella Coola, B.C., V0T 1C0 Email: cao@ccrd-bc.ca

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