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Central Coast
Regional District
August 11th, 2018
August 11th, 2018

Wildfire Activity Update - August 11, 2018

The Nuxalk Nation and the CCRD continue to work together to monitor the wildfire situation.

With the change in weather patterns, smoke largely from the fires in the northern part of Tweedsmuir Park and north eastward in other parts of the province has moved into the Bella Coola Valley and other parts of the Central Coast.

Given current weather patterns, the smoke has īsocked inī creating low visibility conditions and poor air quality within the Bella Coola Valley and other parts of the Region. Flights were grounded as a result today inconveniencing travellers who could not fly out of Bella Coola or Anahim Lake. In addition, the low visibility conditions are making it difficult for provincial wildfire service providers to provide an updated assessment of existing and potentially new fires.  

Our best understanding of the current situation is that the northern Tweedsmuir fires have the potential to converge into a single massive fire. However, the most current modelling maintains a north eastern movement of these fires. As such there is low concern for impacts on Highway 20 from these fires and low to moderate concern for movement westward along the Dean outside of the Park boundaries (as we understand things a significant change in conditions would be required). If there is a very significant wind change, the fire could begin moving southward through the Rainbow Range, which could create heightened concern for the interests in our Region. We will continue to monitor available information and will relay critical messaging as itīs received.

We do know there were a number of lightning strikes along the entire coast in the early morning today (August 11, 2018). Some of those lightning strikes can be pinpointed to the Thorsen Creek headwater area south of Bella Coola and Hagensborg. Due to the low visibility for air craft, we do not have information as to whether fires materialized in that area or other parts of the South Bentick Arm. Again, we will continue to monitor available information and will relay critical messaging as it is received.

There is an evacuation alert in place for the Springfield Fire southwest of Williams Lake and the cusp of that alert area crosses Highway 20. We are in contact with the Cariboo Regional District and will relay information if an evacuation order is issued that might impact travel along Highway 20.

We encourage everyone to continue to monitor Drive BC, the BC Wildfire Servicesī Active Wildfires Interactive Map, and Environment Canadaīs Air Quality products for critical updates that may impact your own decision making and particularly travel plans.

Important Links

BC Air Quality: http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/epd/bcairquality/readings/find-stations-map.html

Environment Canada Wildfire Smoke Model: https://weather.gc.ca/firework/firework_anim_e.html?type=em&utc=12

BC Wildfire Service - Active Wildfires: https://governmentofbc.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapSeries/index.html?appid=ef6f11c8c36b42c29e103f65dbcd7538

Drive BC: http://www.drivebc.com/

Fire Bans & Restrictions Info: http://bcfireinfo.for.gov.bc.ca/hprScripts/WildfireNews/DisplayBan.asp?ID=535#OpenFireBans

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