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Central Coast
Regional District
March 7th, 2019
March 7th, 2019

Denny Island Water


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Chair Samuel Schooner, CCRD
Phone: 250-799-5291
Email: sschooner@ccrd-bc.ca

Central Coast Regional District, March 07, 2019 Residents of Denny Island are one step closer to a civic water system to benefit their homes, public institutions and businesses. Area A Director Daniel Bertrand explains: "The results are in. Denny Island property owners have spoken in favour of what is likely the most significant municipal development project in the Island's history which will bring clean running water and fire hydrant protection to most residents, businesses, and the school on Denny Island."
Regional District CAO Courtney Kirk signed off on a Certificate of Sufficiency on Wednesday March 6th, 2019 validating the petition that closed on Friday February 22, 2019. The Certificate of Sufficiency indicates that 65% of property owners representing 66% of converted assessed property value support the establishment of the proposed Denny Island Water System Service. Kirk has informally reported the results to the full CCRD Board of Directors and will include the Certificate of Sufficiency in their next public meeting agenda package. A copy of the signed certificate is also available on the CCRD website.
Director Bertrand emphasises: "The CCRD made tremendous outreach efforts in ensuring that property owners in the Water System Service Area had an opportunity to know the facts and express their opinion.  Those opinions were mostly in favour of the Water System.  What concerns were raised will help inform the development of the Water System as we move forward with this project. "  
CAO Kirk explains some of the process involved and what comes next: “Petitioning is a significant and very important step in the establishment of a new service. It is a vehicle by which residents in a proposed service area state, or not, their support of the service under question. If there wasn´t sufficient support expressed through the petitioning process, the CCRD could not move forward with the proposed Denny Island Water System service establishment. The process requires a vigorous review of the results and documentation before asking our Board to move forward with a bylaw for new service establishment and before submitting the documentation to the Inspector of Municipalities for approval”.  Kirk further explained that also required is the express consent of Area A Director Daniel Bertrand for the service establishment bylaw to proceed.
CCRD Chair Samuel Schooner notes the tremendous investment being contemplated in the proposed new service stating: “Construction of the Denny Island Water System is expected to cost approximately $2,435,000 with School District #49 contributing $700,000, the CCRD contributing $240,000 of Community Works Gas Tax Funding and $1,495,000 coming from the Strategic Priority Fund (Federal Gas Tax) for Infrastructure”.
If you would like more information about this topic, please call Courtney Kirk, CAO at 250-799-5291, or email info@ccrd-bc.ca .

Denny Island Water Press ReleaseDenny Island Water Press Release
Denny Island Water Press Release

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Denny Island Water Certificate of Sufficiency Denny Island Water Certificate of Sufficiency
Denny Island Water Certificate of Sufficiency

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