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Central Coast
Regional District

Policy F-16 Community Works Fund Allocation


Community Works Funds are made available to eligible local governments, including the Central Coast Regional District, by the Government of Canada pursuant to the Agreement on the Transfer of Federal Gas Tax Revenues (Gas Tax Agreement) between the Union of BC Municipalities and the governments of Canada and British Columbia.  Funding under the program is intended to be directed to local priorities that fall within one of the eligible project categories and that are in keeping with the Agreement´s intended outcomes of reduced greenhouse gas emissions, cleaner air and cleaner water.

The purpose of this policy is to provide a measured approach for the best use of the funds available, paying particular attention to the strategic priorities of the Central Coast Regional District a determined by the board of directors.

It is the policy of the Central Coast Regional District that money from the Community Works Fund shall be expended or allocated as follows:

  1. First, by satisfying the requirements of the Gas Tax Agreement by fulfilling the regional district´s commitment to Capacity Building, Integrated Sustainability Planning and Capital Investment Planning.
  2. Second, by providing funding for eligible projects according to the regional district´s strategic priorities as determined by the board of directors.  Where a conflict is found to exist, the funds shall first be allocated to functions and services already established by the regional district, and then to those functions and services under consideration for establishment.

Adopted: April 11, 2013
Reviewed:  June 9, 2016

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