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A 22 Safety Management Policy - Bella Coola Airport

Safety is paramount to the overall operations cycle of the Bella Coola Airport. Creating and maintaining a facility which is free of risks and hazards is beneficial to all airport users. Safety inspections of the airport terminal building, runway and grounds are integral to identifying and correcting potential safety hazards and mitigating risk.  Regular safety monitoring will provide the basis for guidelines for the continued successful operation of the airport and will assist in ensuring that users of the facilities have safe and reliable access.  The Safety Management Policy was developed in response to Transport Canada´s Canadian Aviation Regulations Part I, Subpart 7.

The Accountable Executive, as identified in the Bella Coola Airport Safety Management System Manual, will be responsible for establishing, implementing and managing the safety system with the cooperation and assistance of the Bella Coola Airport Commission or established designates.  Adherence to documented processes and procedures will ensure regular safety audits are conducted and all stakeholders will be given the opportunity to participate in the process.  Focus of audits will be on the behaviour of people as well as on the conditions of the operations area.  All risks, hazards, incidents or occurrences are to be reported immediately.

It is the expectation that all stakeholders will;
- familiarize themselves and comply with safety policies, processes and procedures;
- have the opportunity to participate in developing safety standards and procedures;
- accept responsibility and accountability for their own behaviour and recognise the safety of others;
- communicate any issue having a safety impact to the Accountable Executive through the designed processes and procedures;  
- have the opportunity to report risks, hazards, incidents or occurrences with impunity and anonymity.

It is the expectation that the Accountable Executive will;
- recognise the importance of the safety of airports stakeholders, users, suppliers and contractors;
- openly communicate information about all safety incidents or occurrences per the processes and procedures identified in the Safety Management System Plan and share lessons learned from such occurrences;
- support safety training and awareness programs;
- monitor, evaluate and measure Bella Coola Airport activity against industry activity to ensure best safety practices are incorporated;
- demonstrate a continual commitment to excellence in safety at the Bella Coola Airport.

Adopted:  October 14, 2010                  
Reviewed: April 12, 2012
Reviewed:  April 9, 2015

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