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Central Coast
Regional District
A-24 - Policy Development and Review

Preamble: To establish a process for the development and review of policies which encourages frank and open discussion and which ensures uniformity, inclusiveness, effectiveness and relevance of organizational policies.    

Policies will provide a clear and consistent focus for the administrative staff to manage the affairs of the Board.
1. Introduction
Policies are high level documents that provide guidance and consistency to the organization for the conduct of all Regional District business.  Policies are developed for those matters that seem to be coming to the Board with frequency and appear to follow a similar pattern.  

The Policy Manual is divided into the following sections:
Section 1  (A) Administration Section 2  (E) Executive
Section 3  (F) Finance Section 4  (P) Planning

2. Policy Development Procedure
a) Frequency of issues and concerns may be identified by a member of the board of directors, staff, commissions or the public and shall be brought to the board of directors meeting for discussion.
b) Issues to which the board of directors has given consideration will be referred to staff for information collection/research.
c) Once information has been collected, staff will report back to the board of directors in the form of a report/briefing paper or a draft recommended policy.
d) The final policy will be reviewed and adopted by the board of directors.

3. Policy Review Procedure
Policy review and evaluation is an on-going process.  Policies will be brought forward to the board of directors for review and relevance on a rotating schedule that will cover all policies within the Policy Manual every three years.  Policies requiring earlier amendments will be put forward for board consideration, on an as needed basis.    

Policy Manual Updates will be circulated to each Policy Manual holder and other personnel or affiliates following adoption by the board of directors.

Date Adopted: September 8, 2011    
Amended: April 10,  2014

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