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Central Coast
Regional District

Policy A13 Entrance Window Advertising

Policy No. A-13  


Policy: Entrance Window Advertising

Preamble: The window at the entrance of the Administration Office of the CCRD is unable to accommodate advertisements, flyers, etc. from the private sector.  The regulating of such advertising involves administrative efforts in order to maintain an equitable balance; the display area is limited in size which has the potential to create the appearance of "favouritism", or preference of one business over another.  The regional district, while promoting economic ventures, does not discriminate nor necessarily endorse specific advertisers and their initiatives.  Regional district matters  are posted here in order to apprise the general public of current matters before the board and to ensure proper notification of regional district business.

Policy: The window display area is restricted to matters involving regional district administration and affiliated committee/commissions of the Central Coast Regional District.

Date: September 16, 1997
Reviewed:    April 12, 2012
Amended:  April 9, 2105

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