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A-27 Disaster Recovery Plan - Information Technology

The primary objective of the Disaster Recovery Plan is to protect the organization in the event that all or part of itīs operations and/or computer services are rendered unusable.

The plan should minimize disruption of operation and ensure some level of organizational stability an and orderly recovery after a disaster.

Management personnel are responsible for protecting all assets of the organization.  These assets include employees, physical property, information and records relating to the conduct of business.  This policy specifically addresses information technology systems and records management which will be rolled into an all-inclusive Business Continuity Plan in due course.

The decision to implement disaster recovery procedures is the responsibility of the CAO or designate.  The Disaster Recovery Team will convene as soon as possible after a disaster has occurred to assess damages and make recommendations to the CAO.

This plan will be distributed to and used by those persons responsible for its implementation and operation.  These individuals are identified in Appendix A.  This document will be maintained and updated by the Administrative Assistant whenever significant changes occur.

Basic Recovery Plan Requirements
The basic requirements for the Recovery plan are as follows:
• Disaster recovery team
• Disaster recovery documentation backup
• Backup computer facilities

Disaster Recovery Team
Data Managers (Disaster Recovery Team) are specifically responsible for:
• Identifying and protecting all assets within their assigned area of control.
• Understanding their obligation to protect the organizationīs assets.
• Developing, coordinating, testing and maintaining it by keeping the information it contains current.
• Being familiar with the Plan and understanding their part in the recovery effort.
• Reducing potential risks by implementing any monitoring established security measures and procedures and initiating corrective action when violations are observed.
• Ensuring that the procedures set forth in the Plan are properly executed in the event of a disaster.

The team will consist of the Data Managers (Appendix A) who will be responsible for one or more of the following functions.  
• Recovery administration
• Insurance notification
• Supplies
• Systems software
• Application software
• Facilities
• Hardware
• Communications
• Operations

In the event of a disaster or major failure, the team will convene with as many team members as possible.  All members of the team will assess damage to computer facilities, control and coordinate recovery/backup actions and make recommendations to the CAO.  

Disaster Recovery Documentation
Inventory Necessary Office Equipment
• Desk and chair
• Computer
• Computer software
• Telephone
• Calculator
Catalog of Supporting Equipment
• Servers
• Server Software
• Data backups
• Phone System
Insurance and Budget
• The Chief Financial Office will review insurance coverage.
• The Annual budget will be the loss deductible of $1,500.

Backup computer facilities
Offsite storage of system backup
In the event that disaster occurs, having backup stored off site is critical.  Appendix F defines the backup schedule.  Offsite Copy of all computer backups to external hard drive done weekly  and stored in our safety deposit box at the Williams Lake and District Credit Union, Bella Coola.

Backup facilities
In the case of fire or natural disaster it may become necessary to move/relocate the office to a backup location.  The location currently designated is upstairs office located at the Bella Coola Airport, Hagensborg.

Recovery Plans

Disaster Preparation
This section outlines the minimum steps required to ensure the CCRD can fully recover from a disaster.
1. The disaster plan must be kept current, and all of the team members must be made aware of any changes.
2. A copy of the Disaster plan will to be kept stored offsite in the CCRD safety deposit box.
3. All team members should be aware of the consequences of a disaster and what they can do while recovery is in progress
4. Procedures and lead times for replacement equipment and communications should be established.

In the event that there is warning of an impending disaster, (e.g. potential flood situations, fire or potential building damage) the following steps should be taken.

1. Notice should be given to as may team members as possible (Appendix A)
2. The CAO should be briefed and a decision should be made whether to shut down the systems.
3. The team should convene and review whatever actions may be necessary.

Emergency Response
1. This section details the basic actions that will to be taken in the event of a disaster situation.
2. The CAO or assignee will be notified as soon as possible.
3. The team will be notified and assembled as soon as reasonable under the circumstances.
4. Team members will assess damages to their individual areas of expertise
5. Team members will advise the CAO as to the extent of damage and recovery procedures necessary so that the decision to move the office can be made after the assessment of the damage done to the current office.
6. Pertinent vendors will be contacted and negotiations will be made for the delivery of equipment. Delivery time will be noted.
7. All team members will be informed of the decision and given an estimated time to the return to either full or degraded service.
8. Each team member will supervise their own area of expertise.
9. Computer facilities will be secured.

Recovery Procedures
If it is decided to transfer the office and computers to the off site location:
• It is assumed that the basic emergency procedures have been followed as detailed in Recovery Plans
• An inventory of the status of existing equipment and files will be compiled
• Senior Administrative Assistant will be contacted to initiate the recovery site.  
• An estimate time of delivery of computers and equipment will be established
• Systems will be tested and loaded as soon as the vendors release them to the CCRD
Recovery Timetable
The following timetable does not take into account the amount of time required to re-input data which may have been lost during recovery period.

Day 1 Convene the disaster recovery team and assess damages. Contact vendors to replace needed equipment
Restore programs and data, test integrity of programs and data.  Begin restoring communications and networking capabilities.
Day 2 Restore operations to priority departments
Determine priority of data processing
Day 8 Delivery and setup new equipment.  Restore full communications and networking capabilities

Disaster Recovery Plan Review
The Disaster Recovery Team will convene annually to review the Plan and Appendices.  Updates or revisions will be made at this time.

Appendix A - Emergency Numbers - Team:
Name Position Home Phone Cell Phone
Darla Blake CAO - Director/Disaster Recovery Coordinator (250) 957-8222
Donna Mikkelson CFO 250 982-2518 (250) 267-6700
Cheryl Waugh SR Admin 250 982-2424
Wendy Kingsley Admin 250 982-0065
Ken McIlwain Public Works Manager 250 982-2285

Appendix B - Key contacts
Name Role Phone
Quality Office Suppliers Toshiba Copier/fax/scanner & Phones 1 800 648 3211
Kamloops Computer Center Computers 1 250 374-6887
HUB International Insurance 1 250 392-6565

Appendix C - Software Licenses
Application Version License Customer No Vendor Phone
Windows 7 - Laptop YJ33MNF7YJMR7H 2TP8F 7H3Q4
Windows 7- CW H74QM-TWDF8-3RJHB-2WPJ7-WV287
Windows 7 - DB
Microsoft Office 2010 5 seats as at Sept 18/13 6000154827-1-WM88581-TCMX
Quickbooks 2013 862950823933059 1158063667 18777729158
Adobe Acrobat Standard Download http://splashurl.com/ls2ta5j Login id aa@ccrd-bc.ca
Password: dixie3 Order #C01192604 86CA
Serial #1016-1363-5436-4113-0952-2169 Registered under Cherylīs name
Adobe Acrobat 5 KWW500Y7111863-364

Appendix D - Hardware Requirements
Minimum two computers Accounting & administration Required immediately
Printer/Photo copier/scanner/fax Toshiba IP address
Desks and chairs
Sundry office supplies

Appendix E - Setup and configuration for Network
To be developed

Appendix F - Disk Backup Schedule

The following computers/files are copied to the Share Centre drive daily for 8 consecutive days.
• CAO, Admin, Public Works, Sr Admin
• Company Files - Quickbooks
• Share folder
• All active folders/documents
• All email and email data folders (contacts, calendars)
• The CFO backs up folders by sending them to an offsite backup

Once a week all backups on the Share Centre are copied to an external hard drive which is secured in the CU safety deposit box.

Quickbooks files are also backed up every 4th exits to Administrative Assistantīs USB storage and kept offsite after hours.

Adopted: October 10, 2013

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