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Central Coast
Regional District

Policy A5 (b) Board Meeting Agenda Policy

Policy No. A-5(b) - Board Meeting Agenda


Mission Statement:  
The Mission of the Central Coast Regional District is to foster the sustainable socioeconomic and environmental well-being of the Central Coast through the professional an efficient delivery of mandated regional and community services”

Policy Background:
The Board has, in its Board Meeting Procedures Bylaw #449, 2015, adopted an agenda format that is shared by many municipalities and regional districts.  The agenda served the purpose of ensuring that the Boardīs meetings conformed to statutory requirements, and that all the business required to be dealt with by the Board be dealt with in an orderly manner.  The agenda did not, however, provide for as much time as may be desirable to debate issues of importance to the regionīs communities.

Policy Goal:
It is the goal of this policy to reserve Regional Board Meeting prime time to the consideration, reflection and debate of policies that contribute to the Regional Districtīs Mission Statement.

Policy Objectives:

1) Directors will have read the agenda material prior to a Board Meeting.

2) Directors will ensure that their alternates are fully informed of current issues and the alternate will have read the agenda material prior to a Board Meeting if it is expected that he/she will attend on behalf of the director.

3) To allow such additional time on the agenda as may be required to perform the Boardīs statutory duties.

4) To implement this policy and amend the agenda notwithstanding the agenda format prescribed in the Regional Districtīs Board Meeting Procedures Bylaw #449, 2015.

Initially approved at the regular Board Meeting of  October 11, 2000

Amended:  January 9, 2002
Amended: April 7, 2004
Amended: July 11, 2013
Amended: April 14, 2016

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