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Policy A9 (a) Facilities Inspection Policy - Airport Operations

Policy No. A-9 (a)  Facilities Inspection Policy - Airport Operations


Inspections of the airport terminal building, runway and grounds are beneficial to the Regional District both in correcting potential safety hazards and planning for the future expenditures.  An inspection report will provide guidelines for the continued successful operation of the airport and will assist in ensuring that the users of the facilities have safe and reliable access.

An Aerodrome Inspection of the Bella Coola Airport will be carried out on a regular basis by personnel provided by Transport Canada.  Inspection observations are in reference to the 4th edition of Transport Canada´s publication “Aerodrome Standards and Recommended Practices (TP312)”.  Observations are classified as:
1)   Required Improvements
2)   Recommendations  
3)   Other

All required improvements identified by Transport Canada will be brought immediately to the attention of the C A O.

It is the responsibility of the  Transportation Services Coordinator to inform and respond to Transport Canada and to the Board of Directors, as to the progress made in complying with required corrective action taken in addressing the inspection details.

Such corrective action will be documented in the monthly Transportation Services report until the airport is in compliance with the inspection report.  In the event that finances or other barriers do not allow for immediate compliance a schedule will be identified in which these items will be listed with an anticipated completion date together with an explanation of the delay.

Date: August 09, 1994
Amended: June 12, 2014  

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