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Policy A9 (b) Facilities Inspection Policy - Centennial Pool

Policy No. A-9 (b)  


Policy: Facilities Inspection Policy - Centennial Pool

Preamble: An inspection policy will identify hazard and remedies and will prevent and reduce injuries to staff, volunteers and pool users.  It will also assist the Pool Commission in determining the life expectancy and preservation of the facility, in examining the service provided and in evaluating the efficiency and economics of the site.  An inspection policy will also aid the Commission in providing support for the request of budget funds.

Policy: An inspection of the Centennial Pool will be conducted bi-weekly during the operating season and once a month during periods of closure. This inspection will be conducted by a member of the Pool Commission or employee of the CCRD.  The inspection will document potential hazards and unsafe conditions, as well as routine maintenance issues requiring attention. The status of any works in progress will be recorded and corrective actions identified for any issues.

The  inspection will address  the following:
1. confirmation the entire premises are secure,
2. any evidence of unauthorised entry,
3. the presence of any potential hazards or unsafe conditions,
4. any evidence of damage to the facility, and
5. no unacceptable changes in water level.

Prior to summer start up, the following items will be checked for compliance with Ministry of Health Regulation:
1. Concentration of disinfectant
2. pH controls
3. Water clarity
4. Water temperature
5. Handling/strorage of chemicals
6. Chlorine gas safety practices
7. Depth markings
8. Required safety equipment
9. Supervision/security
10. Posting of safety rules
11. Ground fault interrupter
12. Cross connection prevention device
13. Automatic disinfection equipment
14. Water turnover rate
15. Water testing equipment
16. Pool equipment maintenance
17. Sanitary facilities/change rooms
18. Operating permit posted
19. Daily maintenance records

It is the responsibility of the Pool Commission to inform and respond to the CCRD Board of Directors as to the progress made in complying with required corrective action taken in addressing the details of the inspection.  The report format will be consistent with CCRD Policy E-1 Commission Reporting Requirements and may be in the form of monthly meeting minutes.

Date: July 17, 1997
Amended: February 13, 2014

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