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Central Coast
Regional District


Parks and Recreation services in Electoral Areas C, D and E are managed through the CCRD Public Works department. Bella Coola Valley Recreation programming, ice rink flooding and park scheduling are handled by several dedicated volunteers.

The Denny Island Recreation Commission provides the service in a portion of Electoral Area A. The authority to maintain the service is provided by the Regional District Board of Directors via bylaw. Commissioners who serve the function are appointed annually by the Board.

Central Coast Regional District parks and facilities

Nusatsum Regional Park
    Picnic area

Centennial Pool

Snootli Creek Regional Park
    Beaver Pond Picnic Area
    Big Cedars trail

Walker Island Regional Park
    Covered BBQ Pit
    Softball Field
    Soccer Field

Snootli Creek Skating Rink
    Outdoor ice rink with warming hut
    Outdoor skate park

Bella Coola Valley Parks and Recreation

Recreation Programming
    Slow Pitch

Parks and Recreation in the Bella Coola Valley is supported by tax dollars which are levied on land and improvements in the area, user fees, and a portion of the provincial basic grant received annually from the Province of B.C.  

For further information, email to info@ccrd-bc.ca .

Centennial Swimming Pool

Originally built in 1967, the Centennial Pool was constructed with proceeds from the federal government as part of their Centennial celebrations. It is located in Hagensborg, east of the Bella Coola town site. The volunteer Centennial Pool Commission is charged with its operations and maintenance by authority of a Regional District bylaw enacted by the Board of Directors.

The operation of the facility is funded through local tax dollars, a portion of the Provincial Basic Grant and user fees. Because it is an outdoor pool, it is operated only during the months of June through August.

The swimming pool has provided lifeguard training and leadership opportunities for the youth of the Bella Coola Valley since it commenced operations. It offers Red Cross swimming lessons, lifesaving and First Aid, leadership training, private rentals, school classes, public
and lap swims.

Please call for June schedule.  Copy of the July Schedule to be posted.  For a complete programme brochure please contact the CCRD office.

For more information, the pool can be contacted directly (during the summer months) by calling 250-982-2488. You may also send an email to info@ccrd-bc.ca .  

Denny Island Recreation

The Denny Island Recreation Commission receives authority from the Central Coast Regional District Board of Directors to provide recreational services to the residents on Denny Island, near Bella Bella.

The function is supported by tax dollars which are levied on land and improvements in Electoral Area A, in addition to a portion of the provincial basic grant received annually from the Province of B.C.

The Commission provides the majority of community activities which include a fitness program, games, youth development, workshops, and special events.
For further information, contact info@ccrd-bc.ca
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