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Central Coast
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Solid Waste Management Plan

Updated January 18, 2016

Solid Waste Management Survey

Fill in our solid waste management survey before February 18th and get a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to a local retailer or restaurant of your choice.

Read the Draft Plan

Read our newsletter that summarizes the key features of the draft plan.

The Central Coast Regional District (CCRD) is updating its Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP). A Solid Waste Management Plan is a legally binding document that is mandated by the province for all regional districts. The purpose of the SWMP is to provide the CCRD with a guiding document that will direct the Region´s solid waste management activities over the next 10 years, while also considering longer-term objectives and opportunities.

The process to review the plan will be conducted in three steps. The first step is an assessment of the current system and a report on the implementation status of the previous SWMP (prepared in 2004). The second step is the review of options to address the region's future solid waste management needs and the selection of preferred options. The final step will be a community and stakeholder consultation process to obtain input into the selected options.

Plan Development
A Solid Waste Management Plan Review Advisory Group, which consist of representatives from the private sector, public sector, Nuxalk and community, are working together to provide input in the new Solid Waste Management Plan. The advisory group works with the consultants to identify options to address the region's future solid waste management needs, recommend preferred options, and advise on community consultation approaches.

Plan Status The process to prepare an updated SWMP began in May 2016 and expected to be complete in early 2017.

Stage 1 - Current System Evaluation (Complete)
The first step in the review was to create the Stage 1 Report: Existing Solid Waste Management System

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. This document outlines the implementation status of the 2013 Plan and describes the current waste management system in the CCRD. This information was used as the baseline for developing an updated SWMP.

Stage 2 - Analysis and Evaluation of Waste Management Options (Complete)
During Stage 2, the Advisory Group received, reviewed and discussed a technical memorandum

Size: 388.49K

prepared by the consulting team that provided a list of options to address the key issues and opportunities identified in the Existing System Report. The tech memo presented the options in a simple evaluation matrix to allow for a comparative analysis of the options based on cost, complexity to implement and impact on waste disposal.  

Stage 3 - Plan Consultation and Finalization (On-going)
We are currently in Stage 3 of the process to update the SWMP.  A draft plan has been prepared and is available for community input.  A newsletter was distributed to all homes in the Bella Coola Valley in February, along with a feedback survey, which can also be completed on line (click here to access the survey until February 18th).  By completing the survey, you can be entered into a draw fora $100 gift certificate from a local retailer or restaurant of your choice!  

There are other ways to provide your feedback on the draft plan, too:
• Send us an email to  pwm@ccrd-bc.ca
• Write to us at: CCRD SWMP Input, Box 186, Bella Coola, BC,V0T 1C0
Be sure to provide your feedback by February 18th at the latest.  

After February 18th, we will be reviewing all of the input received with the Solid Waste Advisory Group and determining if, based on receiving your feedback, any revisions to the Plan are required.
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